Lena V.

This place is a bomb. Super had a nice time when I came here with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Their facility is of top-of-the-line that anyone who comes here would be impressed. I’ve been to many sports lounge before but I’ve never seen anything like this yet. The lights they have are even imported when I inquired about it to one of their staff. But the best thing is that you can order anything to their bar. Super love this place. Definitely recommended. In fact, we already decided to come back here next month to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Romeo F.

It’s hard to reserve a private room with how popular this place is. In fact, we had to reserve 2 months prior just to get the accommodation for my mom’s birthday. But it was all worth it. The whole gang had fun. Since then, this has already become the family’s favorite hangout place. Even the kids love to come because of the video games available. Try it out yourself to see what I am talking about. I am warning you now not to eat too much before coming in because the food they have here is so delectable. There are even food choices for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Lindsey D.

You won’t regret coming here. I am not a fan of bowling myself but I’m up to the challenge of trying it. This place is simply so inviting with its ecstatic atmosphere. You cannot help but have fun while you are here. I loved their video games the more though. I’m a bit nerdy that way. But to my defense, what they have is the latest version of what I’m used to so you cannot really blame me for instantly being addicted. You should come here. This is a really nice place.