Strike Those Pins as You Satisfy Your Hungry Stomach

Looking for the best place to be at a hangout night with your family and friends can be a challenge. You need to find a place that could be enjoyed by everyone. It should be enjoyable enough to encourage everyone to participate. At the same time, there should food available to fuel you as you let hours pass enjoying the amenities offered by the place.

If you are looking for this exact same place, then we have some news for you. You can find this here at Bowl EVT. We are the biggest and grandest sports lounge you can find here in Tempe. We have 12 bowling lanes and can accommodate at least 400 people without them rubbing shoulders with each other. We also have 30 50 inches flat screen mounted in our 14,000 sq. ft. space. What more is that you’ll never get hungry while you are here because of the variety of food and drinks we offer.

Unlike any other sports lounges which only serve finger foods, we up our game here to serve a whole variety of meals. We have it from salad to your favorite buffalo chicken wings, assortments of pasta and more. You’ll be surprised at how big our menu is. It is like coming to a restaurant with the addition of a huge bowling alley. All of the food we serve here is fresh and straight from the source. The last thing we want is you not getting the right nutrition you need. We also serve cocktails here and beer so your experience would be complete as you have fun with your friends and family.


You do not fancy a game of bowling but still looking to pass the time while your friends are having fun? No need to worry because we have an arcade here where you can play different types of video games. It can be played by pairs or group depending on the game, but you can also play solo if your friends prefer to do their thing. Aside from this gaming area, we also have a lot of board games in store for you. So you won’t really have a downtime while you are here with us.

When you come here, our staff would immediately assist you with or without a reservation. Walk-ins are allowed no matter the time of the day as long as you are coming within the sports lounge’s operating hours. We accept all types of events too including birthdays, anniversaries, and even company parties. If you choose us, you’d never want for more because we already have it covered for you. We guarantee you ultimate fun and excitement while you are with us that even when you are stressed with having your garage door with the best garage door opener in Tempe fixed, we can address that here.

No bowling shoes? No problem. We got you covered. All you need to do is to bring yourself in.

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