About Us


Bowl EVT is the most popular sports lounge in Tempe. Built in 1992, it immediately became popular to both locals and tourists alike. It was a source of excitement especially to those people looking for a hangout place and a favorite to those groups who are looking for something different.

It was not as big as before. In fact, back when it was first built, it accommodated only about 6 lanes. There were no flat television screens yet that flashes your score. Everything is manual including the updating of the scores. So there is always one assistant on standby to assist guests on the proper way to score. But the fun was all the same including the food. The bar was only added after 2 years.

It was in 2010 where all the modern amenities were placed in place of the old one. It was also the first major renovation done after 18 years. Yes, we do improve our systems every once in a while but it was during this year when a major overhaul was done. Many systems were added including the gaming area and the board games. The place underwent expansion to accommodate more lanes due to the growing demand of our customers. Now, it is even made better than ever with the added lights that made the whole place light brighter. All of this was under the management of no other than the professional bowling champion Pedro Tesoro.

What’s next for this sports lounge? We are finally thinking of expanding. We are already scouting locations in the Las Vegas area. We are proud to tell you that all of this we’ll be put together at the start of the third quarter of 2018. So friends from Las Vegas, please do look forward to this. We’d love to serve you.